From the Counsellor’s Desk – Stardate 202105.27

In the TNG episode, Peak Performance, Data comes face to face with a strategic problem which, even though he makes no mistakes, he cannot best his opponent. As a result, Data cannot move forward from this roadblock and asks that he be removed from active duty. Picard refuses…and reminds him of his duty to the ship. Data must shake his programming and return to his station. Did Data overthink the situation? Did Data forget to take a step back and [...]

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Counsellor’s Log – Stardate 202105.02

Creating a healthy mindset is an investment in your overall wellbeing. There are many strategies that help create and develop a healthy mindset. Here are three to consider as Spring takes hold in our region: Replace the negative with positive Current research has concluded that any form of positive reinforcement could decrease anxiety and worry. Instead of imagining the worst, use this positive thinking strategy and picture yourself showing up happy, healthy, smiling, and enjoying healthy [...]

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