Captain’s Log – Stardate 202108.31

As the Earth's month of August comes to a close, the World is again in a state of confusion.  Canada has various stages of re-opening from Corona Virus, Ontario has stopped in Stage 3.  The US is being hit by another major outbreak forcing "lockdowns".   That being said, the USS Nomad is going strong.  After some time to recuperate from the Regional Summit, well-deserved rests were taken.  As some days on a Starship seem mundane and repetitive to me, as [...]

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 202107.30

This month was eventful to put it lightly. A new ship launched from the Nomad named the Volaris with 7 crew members on board.  We are the new support ship. The Cerberus, the other ship we are the support ship for, submitted paperwork for early commission and was able to have the time in shakedown reduced to 6 months. I am very proud of both these new chapters. Much of the crew put significant effort into projects. The Space station with the FB [...]

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 202106.28

Captain’s Log It has been a year.  One year since the USS Nomad launched on 202006.13.  Four others and I took a chance. We wanted to do charity work and make a difference.  We wanted to be seen and do the best we could. One year later we are still in StarFleet.  I filled the paperwork out to launch as a Lieutenant and now I am the Regional Coordinator and a Fleet Captain.  We have 49 members with some coming [...]

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 202105.31

Captain’s Log – Stardate 202105.31 All hands this is the Captain. First of all, I would like to congratulate the ship and individuals for winning the Regional Awards this year. Your participation in the organization and events is recognized! As well as two major announcements this month. The assembling of the Crew for the Terry Fox  Shuttle program which will be commanded by LTJG Taylor. The Nomad crew also has created and launched Starbase 13. Thanks to the new Director [...]

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