The bridge. All ship activities bubble their way up to the bridge. This is where staff monitor stations and oversee various tasks being performed all over the ship. The crew that man these stations are known as the Bridge Officers.


The Command Staff lead by the Captain is in charge of making sure the ship and crew adheres to STARFLEET’s regulations and standards. Overseeing projects, issuing awards, granting promotions, hosting games, making reports, and planning missions are some of the tasks the Command Staff performs.

“First field assignment, bridge officer on a starship. Every cadet’s dream come true.” -Harry Kim


Becoming an officer aboard the USS Nomad is not a complicated ordeal. The first step is to join. Easy. The next step is to take and pass the Officer Training School course. This course is available through STARFLEET Academy. The course doesn’t take long to complete. Once your a full-fledged member and have your shiny new course certificate, all that’s left is to submit the USS Nomad Promotion Application found on the handbook page. Done!

Sovereign Class Bridge
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Fleet Captain Ehl
The Commanding Officer (also called Captain or CO) runs the day-to-day business of the chapter. They are the chief spokesperson for the group, maintains order and function, and is responsible for the execution of STARFLEET policy and orders. The CO is also responsible for the interpretation and compliance with STARFLEET and diplomatic directives. The CO’s primary responsibility is for all monthly reports, and the CO is answerable to STARFLEET for the overall performance of the chapter.

The Captain enjoys Earth Sports such as football and hockey and is a connoisseur of fine alcohol-based products from throughout the galaxy.

Visit our Crew Awards and Recognition page to see all the great achievements the officers and crew of the USS Nomad have received for their outstanding service to STARFLEET.

Commander Davies ESQ
The Executive Officer also referred to as the First Officer, is the right-hand person to the Commanding Officer. They implement and carry out directives, and serves as second-in-command of the chapter, with the same responsibilities as the Commanding Officer in their absence. This person is responsible for keeping all records pertaining to the chapter. Additionally, they are responsible to head up all internal investigations.

Our XO assists the crew with training, and is a Vice Regional Coordinator for Region 13

Adopted by Klingons shortly after birth, this Human lives a conflicted life of pain. She enjoys spending time playing with her Bat’leths, Daggers, and Mek’leth.

Please visit our Events Page for events hosted by the crew of the USS Nomad.

Commander Mitson
Commander MitsonSECOND OFFICER
The second officer is an officer who is third in command of a starship and who assumed command of the ship when both the captain and first officer are unavailable.

Our Second Officer Regional Event Coordinator for Region 13 and is also our Webmaster, in charge of website design and development for our website. If you have an update for the website you should contact our Second Officer or your department head.

His passions are outdoor adventures like canoeing and hiking, graphic design, photography and stargazing, wishing he was on a starship out there exploring distant galaxies.

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Commander Ryker
The Intelligence Officer is the master of stealth and gathering intelligence. Their main duty is to protect the commanding officers against attempted mutinies or piracies.

Graduated top of his class at the Galactic Empire, but the constant fear of being choked for no reason led to him joining Starfleet. Boothby at STARFLEET Academy taught him to channel his negativity by using the ancient techniques of Coruscant. This turn of events led him to his current career as the Nomads Chief Intelligence Officer. The Commander does not trust replicators and can be often found snacking on leaves in the hydroponics bay. His hobbies include shopping and gaming.

Lieutenant Commander Phillips
Lieutenant Commander PhillipsCHIEF SCIENCE OFFICER
Chief ScienceOfficer- includes sciences including but not limited to exobiology, geoscience, etc.

The Science Officer’s primary responsibility is analyzing, observing and theorizing explanations for strange or seemingly unexplainable circumstances in such a way as to provide answers.

Lieutenant Phillips is over 10,000 years old and knew all of the Greek gods. This gave her an abundance of time to figure out that she prefers feline company over all other life forms, and pineapples do indeed belong on pizza. This last fact was heavily debated among the greatest minds in science through-out the ages, and the Lieutenant was present to witness it all. It’s rumoured that if you turn the lights off, the Commander glows an eerie blue colour.

Lieutenant Harper
The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) is a senior staff position and is responsible for the maintenance of a crew’s health and fitness.

Counsellor Harper hails from Québec, Canada. When she is not otherwise occupied in sickbay, she is an Arts educator who is passionate about education, music making and developing the creative potential of her students.

Our CMO populates a blog called “From the Counsellor’s Desk” and also serves as Deputy Assistant Surgeon General for Region 13.

Lieutenant Hall
Communications, environmental controls, and sensors are all overseen by the Chief of Operations. They are tasked with performing sensor sweeps and planetary scans.

Our Chief is also a part of the ship’s MACO division. Listed as Deputy Team Leader, he assists Team Leader Walter in military tasks aboard and abroad.

Chief Hall can be found with his family outdoors most days, either boating and fishing in the summer, or snowshoeing and fishing in the winter. He enjoys spending time with his kids, showing them things like Star Trek and teaching them how to play video games.

Lieutenant Commander Mitson
Lieutenant Commander MitsonCHIEF OF ENGINEERING
The Chief Engineer is in charge of keeping the warp core purring like a contented kitten. The Chief runs the Engineering Department and sends ensigns to fix broken replicators.

Our Chief of Engineering is also the USS Nomad’s Second Officer and Regional Event Coordinator for Region 13 and is also our Webmaster, in charge of website design and development for our website. If you have an update for the website you should contact our Second Officer or your department head.

Lieutenant Walter
Lieutenant WalterCHIEF OF SECURITY
The duties of the Chief of Security include keeping order aboard the ship and ensuring all shuttle bay doors and airlocks are securely closed. They are also in charge of away mission safety such as being aware of inclement weather and general safest route.

When not on duty, he enjoys spending time with the cadets, helping them learn and learning from them. He can also be found practising his sword and open-hand katas in the holodeck. He enjoys playing board games as well as video games and collecting G.I. Joes, ancient timepieces, and knives.


The Captain and First Officer are elected positions. In June, the crew members decide whether to re-elect the same officers or appoint new ones. Between elections, the line of succession determines who will become Acting Captain until the original Captain can resume their duties or a ship-wide election is held.

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