The Commanding Officer runs the day-to-day business of the chapter. This person is the chief spokesperson for the group, maintains order and function, and is responsible for the execution of STARFLEET policy and orders. This person is also responsible for the interpretation and compliance with STARFLEET and diplomatic directives. The CO’s primary responsibility is for all monthly reports, and the CO is answerable to STARFLEET for the overall performance of the chapter.

Captain’s Log – Stardate 202105.31

Captain’s Log – Stardate 202105.31 All hands this is the Captain. First of all, I would like to congratulate the ship and individuals for winning the Regional Awards this year. Your participation in the organization and events is recognized! As well as two major announcements this month. The assembling of the Crew for the Terry Fox  Shuttle program which will be commanded by LTJG Taylor. The Nomad crew also has created and launched Starbase 13. Thanks to the new Director [...]

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 202105.17

Incoming Transmission from the Captain At this time I would like to acknowledge Lieutenant Poole and Crewman Smoger of the USS Nomad, for both receiving the Order of Merit Surak which is awarded for scholastic achievement. Additionally Commander Estell of the USS Cerberus has been awarded the Order of Merit-Babel for outstanding effort relating to recruitment. Congratulations everyone, great work. Fleet Captain Ehl out

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 202105-04

SHIP AND REGIONAL UPDATE FOR APRIL 2021 The galaxy is a very strange place these days. My way of saying that the Region is remarkably interesting for the crew. Ontario is in a complete lockdown. The rest of Canada is not. Michigan is not. It causes different stress and different situations for individuals to deal with. I hope the crew of the Region’s newest Flagship realizes that we are and can be here for each other. The [...]

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Captain’s Log Stardate 202104.07

All hands this is the Captain: The Nomad requires a traditional role Yeoman. The applicant should have OTS and SFDPP. The Yeoman will work closely with the Captain and Command Staff. Discretion is a must. The USS Nomad is seeking a Chief Medical Officer. Interested parties please contact me. Contact me using the contest form here. Ehl out

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 202103.31

All hands this is the Captain: The following promotions and transfers are effective immediately Chicken Sandwich to Ensign and transferred to Science Ensign Hall to become Flight Deck controller (looks after shuttles and is quartermaster of ship) Ensign Randy Mitson to Chief of Operations LCDR Davies to Second Officer Ensign Stead to Security Crewman Dunstan to security The Yeoman position will become more traditional if I decide to replace going forward Congratulations to all on new positions Ehl out

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 202103.18

USS NOMAD NCC-72382 SHUTTLECRAFT The Main Shuttle bay is located at the dorsal stern of the primary hull, it takes up a significant portion of the aft section of decks 6 through 9 on the Sovereign-class USS Nomad. Due to the mission profile of the Sovereign, the shuttlebay extended further than normal for a vessel its size to accommodate runabouts and several shuttlecraft. The Nomad's secondary shuttlebay was located at the very aft portion of the engineering hull. [...]

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 202103.15

All hands this is the Captain! First I would like to thank everyone for stepping up and volunteering to help today. I greatly appreciate it I have decided after thinking all day and considering a multitude of options: I'd like to present our new Bridge Crew for the USS Nomad. Lt Phillips will become the First officer Also Lt Black will become the ship's second officer Lt Davies remains as Yeoman See our CREW - COMMAND OFFICERS page for full [...]

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