Space Science in my Backyard

The upper part of the structure consists of 1000 tonnes that sit on a three-story reinforced concrete pedestal base built on top of Canadian bedrock. In the late 1950s, a remote site located deep in the backcountry of Algonquin Provincial Park was selected to be the home to the Algonquin Radio Observatory (ARO). The ARO is Canada’s largest radio telescope (a 46m/151ft parabolic dish) and the third-largest fully steerable dish in and measurements from different locations. Because of [...]

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Alpha Quadrant Exploration

THE NOMADIC CHRONICLES NEWSLETTERS – MAY 2021 Stardate 202105.02 LTJG ChickenSandwich here, aboard the USS Nomad. Lieutenant Commander Erin Davies and I have been assigned to an exploratory mission to the Alpha Quadrant to collect scientific samples and other intelligence related to some anomalies we believe could be connected to the disappearance of our last Chief Medical Officer, who has not been seen in months. Ensign Double-A has prepared a shuttlecraft for us, that is pretty sweet if I may [...]

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Crew Interview – Brandi Jackola

THE NOMADIC CHRONICLES NEWSLETTERS - APRIL 2021 I had the pleasure of interviewing crew member Ensign Brandi Jackola who serves in the Planetary Geoscience Department aboard Star Trek's USS Nomad NCC-72382. Jackola is the creator of the “Star Trek” Podcasts which can be seen on our website and is hosted on “Anchor” by Spotify. Brandi and her husband Dave also manage a podcast series “The Dark Corner” from their website. I interviewed Jackola to find out how she [...]

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The Terry Fox

Bio Of Shuttle Crew Ensign Taylor From early beginnings as Crewman, Petty Officer then Ensign, this member has devoted his time endlessly to serving upon the USS Nomad. Involvement with Charity missions, completing courses for advancement, as well as editing and publishing the Nomad Chronicle Newsletter Credentials – Ensign – Ops – Night Navigation, Shuttle Captain Courses College of Starfleet Operation SFDPP Officer Training School Officer Command Course (in process) * Real-life experience Security Officer LTJG Tuix Tre’gok (William [...]

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 202105.31

Captain’s Log – Stardate 202105.31 All hands this is the Captain. First of all, I would like to congratulate the ship and individuals for winning the Regional Awards this year. Your participation in the organization and events is recognized! As well as two major announcements this month. The assembling of the Crew for the Terry Fox  Shuttle program which will be commanded by LTJG Taylor. The Nomad crew also has created and launched Starbase 13. Thanks to the new Director [...]

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From the Counsellor’s Desk – Stardate 202105.27

In the TNG episode, Peak Performance, Data comes face to face with a strategic problem which, even though he makes no mistakes, he cannot best his opponent. As a result, Data cannot move forward from this roadblock and asks that he be removed from active duty. Picard refuses…and reminds him of his duty to the ship. Data must shake his programming and return to his station. Did Data overthink the situation? Did Data forget to take a step back and [...]

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The Nomadic Chronicles Newsletter

If you’re a member of the USS Nomad or any ship in  Region 13 of STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL, you can now subscribe to the Nomadic Chronicles newsletter.  Published in the last week of every month, you’ll find crew and ship updates, awards and certifications, as well as interesting articles related to Star Trek, charity fundraising, crew interviews, fun events and more. To subscribe, just visit the Newsletter page under the Captain’s Log tab on the USS Nomad website.  There you will [...]

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 202105.17

Incoming Transmission from the Captain At this time I would like to acknowledge Lieutenant Poole and Crewman Smoger of the USS Nomad, for both receiving the Order of Merit Surak which is awarded for scholastic achievement. Additionally Commander Estell of the USS Cerberus has been awarded the Order of Merit-Babel for outstanding effort relating to recruitment. Congratulations everyone, great work. Fleet Captain Ehl out

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Personal Officer Opening

The USS Nomad NCC -72382 requires a Personnel Officer This is an administrative position to help with ship staffing and transfers. As well you will assist the Command staff with award preparation/certificate creation and records of transfers/ranks and awards. Potentially in the future, the Personnel Officer may have to cover the yeoman position in the absence. Please notify the Commanding Officer of the Nomad of your interest in the position at  

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