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Alpha Quadrant Exploration

THE NOMADIC CHRONICLES NEWSLETTERS – MAY 2021 Stardate 202105.02 LTJG ChickenSandwich here, aboard the USS Nomad. Lieutenant Commander Erin Davies and I have been assigned to an exploratory mission to the Alpha Quadrant to collect scientific samples and other intelligence related to some anomalies we believe could be connected to the disappearance of our last Chief Medical Officer, who has not been seen in months. Ensign Double-A has prepared a shuttlecraft for us, that is pretty sweet if I may [...]

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Crew Interview – Brandi Jackola

THE NOMADIC CHRONICLES NEWSLETTERS - APRIL 2021 I had the pleasure of interviewing crew member Ensign Brandi Jackola who serves in the Planetary Geoscience Department aboard Star Trek's USS Nomad NCC-72382. Jackola is the creator of the “Star Trek” Podcasts which can be seen on our website and is hosted on “Anchor” by Spotify. Brandi and her husband Dave also manage a podcast series “The Dark Corner” from their website. I interviewed Jackola to find out how she [...]

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The Terry Fox

Bio Of Shuttle Crew Ensign Taylor From early beginnings as Crewman, Petty Officer then Ensign, this member has devoted his time endlessly to serving upon the USS Nomad. Involvement with Charity missions, completing courses for advancement, as well as editing and publishing the Nomad Chronicle Newsletter Credentials – Ensign – Ops – Night Navigation, Shuttle Captain Courses College of Starfleet Operation SFDPP Officer Training School Officer Command Course (in process) * Real-life experience Security Officer LTJG Tuix Tre’gok (William [...]

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General Ship Notices – 202104.20

WHAT IF ALIENS CAME TO VISIT? What if one morning on the news they announced, an alien race had contacted earth and was heading our way. To be visited by an advanced intelligent civilization sounds exciting but have we really considered the consequences? There are many questions we have not thought about and perhaps should if some day we are to have a “close encounter”. How long do you think it would take for this species to reach [...]

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Crew Interview – Shannon and George Walter

Welcome Shannon and George Walter - thank you for participating. ”I understand you both are Lieutenants, perhaps you could share with all of us how long you both have served and what some of your duties are aboard the USS Nomad”? Shannon: I have been enlisted six months. That is how long I have served on the USS Nomad, starting as the Communications Officer. Now as First Officer, my job is to aid the Captain by providing alternate perspectives and [...]

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