As the Earth’s month of August comes to a close, the World is again in a state of confusion.  Canada has various stages of re-opening from Corona Virus, Ontario has stopped in Stage 3.  The US is being hit by another major outbreak forcing “lockdowns”.   That being said, the USS Nomad is going strong.  After some time to recuperate from the Regional Summit, well-deserved rests were taken.  As some days on a Starship seem mundane and repetitive to me, as Captain, the crew have lives and commitments that can seem daunting and cause anxiety.  However, the Nomad crew is friends, family and an outlet that allow people a chance to smile and escape their troubles if even momentarily.  A laugh, a smile, a “pat on the back” go a long way.  We have been re-joined by some crew that left, as our door is always open and again this month, we have welcomed new crew members.
A new Marine OIC took over and has begun to implement the changes that he sees necessary to spark an interest in the Unit amongst the crew.  I wish Marine Captain Reiss luck.  Myself, I have taken on a role as the Marine Brigade OIC,  so I am now in charge of the 13th Brigade Marines.  (Commanding Officer of all Region 13 Marines) Commander Davies has agreed to be my Deputy OIC and our intent is to bring what has been successful on the Nomad and in Region 13 to the Marines.  Wish us luck!
Remember, this club is a result of what you put into it.  If you enjoy writing, join the Starbase.  It is developing into a writing hub and is gaining quite a following.  If you are social, attend our events.  There is a new trivia host, and the event is bi-weekly.  Long gone from the Captain’s economy trivia nights.  Give it a try.
More promotions and awards this month, congratulations to all.  Peace and long life, keep making a difference in other’s lives!

– Captain out –