This month was eventful to put it lightly. A new ship launched from the Nomad named the Volaris with 7 crew members on board.  We are the new support ship. The Cerberus, the other ship we are the support ship for, submitted paperwork for early commission and was able to have the time in shakedown reduced to 6 months. I am very proud of both these new chapters.

Much of the crew put significant effort into projects. The Space station with the FB posts of adventures and updates are amazing. Many of the crew were involved in the Holocon planning which was the Region 13 Summit. Two speakers from NASA presented, as well actor JG Hertzler dropped by for a Chat. There was a game of trivia, a game of Jeopardy, and a dance party to end the day. The event had an auction that supported two animal charities the OSPCA and American Humane. Over $2000 was raised.

An amazing crew who continues to take courses, entertain, and support charities has developed to be a great source of pride for the Captain of the USS NOMAD. Peace and long life, keep making a difference in others lives!

Ehl out