Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Hall’s log, Stardate 210729.18

Shuttle preparations are underway for the Captain and his away team.

The away team will consist of the Captain, MCPO Todd piloting, and K9 Crewman Remmington at the
Captain’s side. Destination: Starbase 13.

The Captain will be busy on the station, preparing to meet with members of Region 13, as well as visitors
from afar. Much to do between now and 210731. We have many guests to welcome to the station for
the regional conference.

The shuttle being prepared for the voyage is the Rhode Island – 72382-82-M. In the Captain’s quarter’s I
have included a care package for the Captain, consisting of 24 liquid canisters, a yo-yo, a vintage
Nintendo Game Boy (1989) with one game cartridge, (Tetris) and a dozen AA batteries. The replicator
has been programmed to the Captain’s personal preferences.

Should be a good weekend.

COO Lt. Hall, out.