Newest Crew Member

BIO – Crewman Seven of Ten (Mr. Vincent)
Seven of Ten is from Michigan and spent time in the Army from 2003-2013. While in the Army he was deployed to Iraq. He has held positions in S-6 Communications, S-3 Operations, Recruiter and Armorer.

His actual enlisted job was 88M (Motor T). After the Army, he went received his certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. After time working in EMS, he took medical leave and returned to school working towards his degree in History.

Credentials – Crewman – Medical Depart – Shuttle Tactical / Medical Officer
– College of EMS
– Officer Training School
– STARFLEET Data Protection W
– Working on his course as Chief Medical Officer

* Real-life experience Emergency Services Worker



Ships Log


StarDate: 202106.01

Crew reported to shuttle for departure. Crew is as follows: Taylor, Commander of shuttle; O’Neil, Ensign; Tuix Tre’goK, Lieutenant junior grade; Seven of Ten, Crewman.

Ensign Hall being the awesome person he is has made sure that the Terry Fox is up to date with equipment and supplies and our 22 day mission for the USS Nomad begins.


Commander Taylor has put Crewman Seven of Ten in charge of the mission logs for this voyage.

LTJG Tuix is sick with the Levodian Flu

Crew has decided that we would do watch parties together to help build camaraderie with in the crew. Crew has agreed to watch TNG S2E9 “The Measure of a Man” and VOY S7E20 “Author, Author”.


StarDate: 202106.02

LTJG Tuix has recovered from the Levodian Flu and has taken control of the helm.

Crewman Seven of Ten has now taken helm while the crew rest.

Ensign O’Neil is in charge of Ops/Comm

Crewman Seven of Ten is in charge of Tactical/Medical

LTJG Tuix is in charge of Engineering


Crew has decided that this coming Friday they will watch TNG S2E9 “The Measure of a Man” with the following Friday watching VOY S7E20 “ Author, Author”

Ensign O’Neil provided drinks for the crew (not Romulan Ale) wink wink

LTJG Tuix informs the crew that he is 0.06% tribble. CWMN Seven wants to assimilate LTJG’s 0.06% tribble. LTJG Tuix has now hidden himself in the airlock in fear of Seven.

CWMN Seven is performing test on his nanoprobes for Starlfeet Medical.


StarDate: 202106.03

Crew is at stations performing duties with no issues reported.

ENS Hall has sent a substance message to the shuttle Terry Fox updating the crew on the status of the USS Nomad and Starbase 13.


StarDate: 202106.04

CMDR has a 0900 blood work appointment with the EMH aka The Doctor.

Crew has decided to meet at 1900 for the watch party.

Watch party was a success for the shuttle crew.


StarDate: 202106.05

Crew is discussing how to go about with out next mission, recruitment.

Crew has come up with trying to advertise with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) departments at university. Posting “Meet the Crew” on social media to give the public a chance to interact with the crew in hopes of recruiting new members.


StarDate: 202106.06

Crew met with other members of Starfleet to go over HoloCon this July.

Crew had a visit from the Captain of the USS Nomad via communication rely. Captain went over some ideas for recruitment and who is responsible for recruitment in region 13.


StarDate: 202106.07

Crew went over more ideas for recruitment.

Crew is at duty stations for the days mission.


StarDate: 202106.08

Crew has set a course for the Taras system, Warp 4.


StarDate: 202106.09

CWMN Seven of Ten was ill today and will be in his Alcove for the day after a visit with The Doctor.

Course has been set for the Orion System. We will be testing the sensors improvements by Seven of Ten as we will be close to the Romulan/Klingon boarders.


StarDate: 202106.10

Crew is at stations, nothing to report.


StarDate: 202106.11

LTJG Tuix has reported an anomaly with one of the shuttles thrusters. CMDR Tylor is suiting up to go out side of the shuttle to fix the issue.

Course has been set for the Andorran System for today.

LTJG Tuix has reported the internal inertial dampeners are offline and his arm is stuck in a wood chipper.

ENS O’Neil has downloaded the schematics to replicate a cybernetic arm for LTJG Tuix.

LTJG Tuix has recommended watching a Star Trek YouTuber as something for our watch party. CMDR Taylor has given the go ahead with that.

CWMN Seven is still in his Alcove sick.


StarDate: 202106.12

Crew watch party has been confirmed for 1930 tonight.

ENS O’Neil has come up with a “Pay if Forward” type event for the crew as a way to share joy with the public. Pay for someone’s coffee behind you and maybe having a sign on the back of the vehicle stating that the drink was provided by

Crew met for their watch party with all in attendance.


StarDate: 202106.13

CMDR Taylor has asked the crew to perform a full diagnostic of the shuttle then make a heading for the Delta quadrant, close to the Cardassian sector.

LTJG Tuix performed a type 2 diagnostic of the engines with no issues reported.

CWMN Seven learned to convert miles into kilometers. His system is fried.


StarDate: 202106.14

ENS Hall is taking CWMN Seven to Borks after the mission.

CMDR Taylor will be working with a clinic today.

Terry Fox has a FB page and crew is asked to write up bios to post.

Captain of the USS Nomad has called for a meeting with the crew of the Terry Fox at 2100 hours today.

Captain has asked the crew of the Terry Fox how they would feel about starting their own chapter as a chapter has just been put into dry dock.

As meeting was pushed up (CPT prerogative), CMDR Taylor was not present, but crew has got the CMDR up to date on what is going on. Crew has decided to finish our second mission before we make a decision.


StarDate: 202106.15

ENS O’Neil has come up with the idea of “Meet the Crew” for the Terry Fox FB page.

CMDR Taylor has asked the crew to get caught up on Starfleet Academy courses for the possibility that the crew does move over to a new ship and command staff needed.

LTJG Tuix and ENS O’Neil are scheduling their OCC exam. CMDR Taylor and CWMN Seven have taken their exam already.

CWMN Seven is attempting to take blood from LTJG Tuix for a chance to assimilate his 0.06% tribble. CWMN Seven believes he can use this portion of DNA to help with his nanoprobe studies for Starfleet Medical.

CWMN Seven has suggested that the Terry Fox start their own Podcast.

CWMN Seven has asked LTJG Tuix to come in for a physical.


The idea of calling our group the Black Sheep Squadron has been floated.

CMDR Taylor informed the crew of the courses that are needed for command; SDTPP 101/102; OCC 101.

CWMN Seven suggested the bridge officers course.


StarDate: 202106.16

Crew is being entertained by CWMN Seven attempting to get a blood draw from LTJG Tuix.

LTJG Tuix has posted his bio to the Terry Fox FB page.

LTJG Tuix has proven his talents at Starship design.

LTJG Tuix has started his OCC exam.


StarDate: 202106.17

ENS O’Neil and CWMN Seven are at stations today while LTJG Tuix and CMDR Taylor work on their missions today.

Crew reports no issues for the day.

CWMN Seven has posted a personal log to Terry Fox FB page.

ENS O’Neil has reported issues posted her personal log to the Terry Fox FB page. CWMN Seven of Ten has reported issues as well, but the issue seems to be resolved since.

ENS O’Neil was able to post her bio to the Terry Fox FB Page.


StarDate: 202106.18

Starfleet Academy has informed CWMN Seven of Ten that he passed his OCC exam. ENS O’Neil has busted out a bottle of “Apple Juice” to celebrate.

ENS O’Neil and CWMN Seven of Ten have the day shift covered today.

CMDR Taylor has asked CWMN Seven of Ten to turn in what we have for the shuttle craft log so far.

ENS O’Neil has sent out a communications test.

ENS Hall has sent a transmission to the shuttle to check on crew and inform crew that he has taken his OCC exam.


StarDate: 202106.19

CMDR Taylor has asked for a course set for the Kavis system, warp 3.

ENS O’Neil has sent a comms link to the USS Nomad that we are near the finish of out mission.

LTJG Tuix has asked for security to meet shuttle at the shuttle bay of the USS Nomad for an escort to his quarters as he is scared of Seven of Ten.

LTJG Tuix states that there is an “issue” with the transporters and Seven of Ten just happened to be beamed into space.


Seven of Ten has been returned to the ship.

Crew has been informed that ENS O’Neil is a secret Scottish member of the screw and uses bagpipes as a weapon to keep LTJG Tuix and Seven of Ten separated.

Captain has informed the crew of the Terry Fox that he wants to see us in his ready room on StarDate: 202106.24.

Design ideas of a new paint job for the Terry Fox are being thought out.

USS Nomad celebration on StarDate: 202106.23 to celebrate the one year anniversary of the ships launch.


StarDate: 202106.20

Course has been set for the Sigma system.

CMDR Taylor has asked that the crew finish any projects that we have been working on during the mission.

CMDR has asked Seven of Ten to have logs finished by time we return to the USS Nomad.


StarDate: 202106.21

Crew is scheduled to dock with the USS Nomad on StarDate: 202106.23 at 1700 in docking bay 1.

Docking time has been changed from 1700 hours to 0900 hours.

USS Nomad birthday party is scheduled for 2100.

Seven of Ten and LTJG Tuix have had a water fight on vessel.

Crew had a meeting at 1919 hours to discuss future plans as a crew in the event crew started new chapter as per conversation with USS Nomad Captain.


***END LOGS***