Captain’s Log

It has been a year.  One year since the USS Nomad launched on 202006.13.  Four others and I took a chance. We wanted to do charity work and make a difference.  We wanted to be seen and do the best we could.

One year later we are still in StarFleet.  I filled the paperwork out to launch as a Lieutenant and now I am the Regional Coordinator and a Fleet Captain.  We have 49 members with some coming and going but we have grown every month for one entire year.  Every month!  In addition, we gave over 1,900 lbs of food for food banks in Nomad communities.  We raised almost $1,000 for the Courageous Companions who train service dogs for veterans and first responders with PTSD.  The club participated in the Coldest night of the year event raising almost $1,000 for homeless shelters.  We participated in blood donor clinics throughout the year; we donated supplies to animal shelters and clothing to homeless shelters.

The crew honoured their own by recognizing each other with Fleet Awards of Merit.  Some members were decorated by MACO and the Marines.  The ship held their own awards ceremony and the Nomad received 7 or 9 Region 13 Awards this year. The crew participates Regionally and Fleet wide.  We offer events and activities for all and are a force to be noticed.

Thank you to every member who has chosen to call the Nomad home.  Thank you for your participation.  I am proud of each and everyone of you and am honoured to have you in the chapter.


Ehl out