Terry Fox Bonding Mission

Newest Crew Member BIO - Crewman Seven of Ten (Mr. Vincent) Seven of Ten is from Michigan and spent time in the Army from 2003-2013. While in the Army he was deployed to Iraq. He has held positions in S-6 Communications, S-3 Operations, Recruiter and Armorer. His actual enlisted job was 88M (Motor T). After the Army, he went received his certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. After time working in EMS, he took medical leave and returned to school [...]

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 202106.28

Captain’s Log It has been a year.  One year since the USS Nomad launched on 202006.13.  Four others and I took a chance. We wanted to do charity work and make a difference.  We wanted to be seen and do the best we could. One year later we are still in StarFleet.  I filled the paperwork out to launch as a Lieutenant and now I am the Regional Coordinator and a Fleet Captain.  We have 49 members with some coming [...]

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Crew Interview – Aaron Hall

THE NOMADIC CHRONICLES NEWSLETTERS – MAY 2021 I had the pleasure of interviewing crewmember Ensign Aaron Hall “Double A” on the 15th of May. Ensign “Double A” serves as Assistant Chief of Operations under the command of Lieutenant R. Mitson, Chief of Operations aboard the USS Nomad 72382. Q: Aaron, thank you for sharing your time and welcome. It’s great to have you here. Tell us how you were introduced to Star Trek? What series was it that first [...]

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