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Anything discussed in this log is not intended to replace actual medical advice, consult your doctor before trying anything you may see or read in this log.

A recent story published on discussed a phenomenon known as “The Zoomies”. It focused on our furry K-9 and Feline friends, but in further researching the topic, humans also have bouts of  the “zoomies” !   Given our active Petfleet division,  and shares of this article, it was suggested that this topic, known formally as Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs), be the subject of the next log.  What is all that sudden racing about ?!

Out of nowhere, your dog or cat suddenly gets up and races about , seemingly going crazy !  You get a good laugh perhaps ! They fly by in the blink of an eye! Then, just as suddenly, come to a complete halt and lay down , having worn themselves out from all that activity.  Frenetic Random Activity Periods  (FRAP) is a quite normal activity for our furry friends. It actually serves a number of purposes that are key to the health and well being of our fur babies!

When you go out and have a great workout at the gym or take a long hike or walk, you are burning off calories, frustration, and stress.  Well, our furry ones are doing the exact same thing! It is significant for cats that are indoors, and for dogs that are home for lengthy periods when their humans are working. They are all excited to see us upon our return , which in turn can spawn a Zoomie spurt for sure !   Ever notice when your sweet baby kitty uses the litter and goes on a wild racing spree as they kick the sand back? Cats especially take joy in covering and taking a Zoomie lap or two.  All part of their covering routine and feeling relieved.  Yes indeed !  All these Zoomie spurts help with frustration and stress just as well for cats and dogs!   It is a great way to get in some general activity as well.

Times we see Zoomies include, after kitty uses the litter, when kitties and pups wake up and are ready to go , following a bath, or when their person has finally returned home !  They seem to really work themselves into a frenzy, a frenzy that often appears to be also a sign of relief that we have returned at last and now it is time to focus on them, hear about their day, and spend time wearing them down for a good evening’s rest with us.

The Zoomies also serve as a signal to human companions that we all need to step up and spend more time with the fur kids ! Try to notice the next time you have been gone awhile and upon returning focus on your own needs, or simply flop down for the night. You will surely be up experiencing a case of the Zoomies from your dog or cat ! It has been a long standing recommendation that if you play with  your fur kids in the evening you will have a far better chance of sleeping through the night!

Don’t be surprised if you are wakened by a case of the Zoomies either! My gosh, Zoomies galore! Yup!  Our fur kids are so excited to see us return home, but also incredibly excited when we wake up! That is a signal it is time for them!  From feeding, to walks, to some playtime, an open eye by their person gets our furry ones ready to go !  They sense some real “me time” and are ready to Zoom to share it all with  you!

Face it, run around for kicks , Zoomies are just a ton of fun regardless of reason!  Everyone needs to let off pent up energy, and that certainly also holds true for our fur kids ! Coming back from a trip to the groomer or veterinarian can also bring on a case of the Zoomies, or even following a storm.  Zoomies are a means of also releasing nervous energy.  Unwinding, de stressing, excited to see someone, and just having fun !  Pets are no different than humans in such needs!  Keep this in mind when you see a case of the Zoomies break out around your home!  Also, pay attention when it occurs!  Pay attention, listen, and remember to schedule plenty of  bonding and play time with your kitty or pup !

Note that a morning and evening play routine is imperative to the health of cats in particular, especially indoor cats.  They are far more active early mornings and during the evening hours. Locking cats out of rooms for the evening , or even while they wait for you to get out of bed to feed them, can actually cause them a good deal more stress.  Everyone will be far more stress free, and more happily bonded with some quality kitty playtime!  Check out the variety of toys for cats that are available for when they are home alone, or for interaction with their people! Cats also have a tremendous need for mental stimulation, so check out those puzzle boxes too!  Set a routine and enjoy the stronger bonds and joy that will blossom from playtime with kitty !   Setting a similar type of routine for your pup will also result in stronger bonds and countless hours of greater joy for everyone!   Rest assured that Zoomies are not a sign of illness. Hey, there is a lot of truth in how our pets impact our human mental and physical well beings!  OOH… now there may be another log one of these days!

Do humans or other furry creatures experience Zoomies?! Sure they do !  Believe it or not, elephants are on the list, as are  bunnies and ferrets !   Do you have human children? Or have you seen human children break out in a case of the Zoomies?  They are also letting go of pent up energy and de stressing.  Zoomies in human children is the equivalent of an adult taking a run or going to the gym.  This is common during recess periods at school or after school , times when pent up energy can be released.

It is important to keep in mind that pets tend to be under exercised and do spend a good deal of time alone. If for any reason though there may be concern that there are an excess of Zoomie incidents, or if these persist often even after mental and physical stimulation has been increased, record your pet and reach out to your veterinarian.

Bottom line on the Zoomies, encourage them !  Enjoy the time you get with your fur kids! Play with some cool toys, go for a walk or run, do some fun training time, and listen to them when they want to tell you all about their day!  Both you and your fur kids will have healthier and happier lives together!  Also, for safety to all, be sure to move aside when a Zoomie is underway !

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Anything discussed in this log is not intended to replace actual medical advice, consult your doctor before trying anything you may see or read in this log.
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